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How many VCE subjects do you need to do?
How many VCE subjects do you need to do?

    What is the maximum number of VCE subjects?

    The VCE Subjects includes more than 90 subjects to choose from. Each school decides which VCE subjects they offer. Most subjects are made up of four units which your child studies over two years (one unit per semester): Units 1/2 are usually studied in year 11.

    Consider what sort of person you are

    To help you decide what to study in Yr 7- Yr 10 Subjects, it's a good idea to start asking yourself what sort of person you are:
            think about what you're like at home, as well as in school - what skills you've developed outside school

            ask yourself what types of things you enjoy doing the most - for example, working things out and thinking them through, practical activities or artistic options like painting, drawing or performing music
            think about what you are most interested in: it could be languages, writing projects, helping people, being outdoors or designing things

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