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Top 10 signs that your TEST has kicked in (add yours)
#10 You actually feel like lifting instead of forcing yourself to do it

#9) The weight you struggled with last week feels a lot lighter and you are compelled to try for a new personal best on the bench

#8) Your pumps are so big you actually worry your skin will split

#7 After doing Bis you cant even touch your own shoulders

#6 You eat a big steak - and instead of it laying in your gut - your body sucks it out of your stomch and into your muscles like it was cotton candy - and you are hungry again in 3 hours

#5 You feel like you are a teenager again -- GREAT!

#4) You feel like a teenager again -- to the point that you actually appreciate that labido tapers off some when you get older. (see #3)

#3) You wake in the middle of the night with an erection so big you dont have enough skin left to blink you eyes and no matter what you do its back again next night

#2) You are invincible ( see also: Top 10 signs you are drunk)

#1) Even ugly women look beautiful ( see also: Top 10 signs you are drunk)

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