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Forum Rules and FAQS
Welcome to the forums.
It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take caution in what you post as we make every effort to keep all information posted unless we have a specific reason to remove the content. Post at your own risk. reserves the right to adjust or edit these rules at any time for any reason. Above all, have fun and good luck with all your fitness goals.

Forum Rules:

Minor offenses: These offenses will result in either an infraction or mod neg. Severe offenses will lead to bans

1.) Show respect to all members- Racist, sexist, bigoted slurs, overly offensive or aggressive comments or derogatory comments are not allowed through pictures, posts, or PM’s. Do not post "longcat" type images (images that are extremely long/tall) or similarly disruptive images or texts. Do not send users sexually explicit PM’s or request pics that are sexually explicit through PM. If you come here with the intent of starting fights on these boards, you will be removed.

2.) Do not abuse the rep system- The rep system is here to recognize quality posters or punish less than reputable posters. Rep trade threads, neg trains and any other abuse of the rep system is not allowed and will result in a ban.

3.) Do not participate in anything against the rules or quote posts against the rules- Do not involve yourself in any form of discussion that violates forum rules. This includes any threads or quoting any post that violates rules. If you participate in neg trains, raids, PM request threads, rep trading threads you will be considered in violation of the rules as much as the user who posted the thread or the offending content. Same goes with quoting posts. If a user posts content that violates forum rules, and you quote it, you can be given the same punishment as the user who posted the content as you have just made that content part of your post. If you would like to quote someone even though that post violates forum rules, please remove offending content from the quote prior to posting it.

4.) Report abuse of the rules using the appropriate methods; do not abuse this system- If you see a post or content that violates forum rules, please report it using the report abuse functions on the post itself or in Bodyspace or contact a moderator. ONLY report posts that violate rules, abuse of the report system and multiple reports of abuse from the same user for no reason can lead to a ban for the user issuing the report. This system is there to help users and moderators. If abused it helps nobody.

5.) Do not place “banned” under your user title- If you do expect to be banned

6.) Keep forum usernames appropriate- Your forum username cannot be something offensive or gross. If your username is not appropriate (sexually explicit, racist, sexist, bigoted,offensive) your account will be banned as there are no username change options. If you are unsure if your username will be deemed appropriate, please contact a moderator or forum admin.

7.) Signatures- Keep signatures around 10-12 lines. See Rule 11 for advertising restrictions. You may not post direct links in your signature to any website for the reasons listed in Rule 9.

8.) Do not post “spoilers” unless clearly marked in thread title- Threads and posts that do not adhere to this will be removed and the user who posted the content may be banned depending on the content. If you are unsure about something please contact a moderator and discuss it before posting it.

9.) No direct linking to outside sites that violate forum rules- Do not post links to any outside website that contains content that violates posted forum rules. Embedded pictures and Youtube videos are allowed.

Major offenses: These offenses will get you banned every time

10.) No porn- Do not post pornographic, or disgusting images, video, links to sites, edited or not. Any overtly sexual images or discussion of individuals under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited. If the content starts as porn either real or drawn, and you edit it to block out certain parts or content, it is still considered porn and will be removed and the user banned. Before you post something think, “Might someone else consider this pornographic or offensive, vile, disgusting?” If yes, then don’t post it!

11.) Spam and advertising on the forums through either posting or PM is not allowed- This includes posting threads about charity organizations (without Forum Admin approval) or sending out mass PM’s. If you have a charity you would like to get people involved in please contact ForumAdmin and it can be discussed. If you are here to sell something, don’t bother. Use craigslist or e-bay, not these forums.

12.) If it isn’t a product currently sold on take caution in discussing it. If you would like to discuss a product and are unsure if discussion of it will lead to a ban, please contact a moderator or Forum Admin for clarification.

13.) Raids of any kind will not be permitted- This includes but is not limited to other forums, facebook or any social networking site, other websites, chat rooms, and webcam rooms or other sections of these forums. You will be permanently banned.

Severe offenses: Violation of these rules will get you an extensive ban or permanent removal from the forums depending on the severity of the offense

14.) Death threats or threats of violence are not allowed- We will treat every death threat seriously. If you direct a threat to anyone for any reason in any way, you will be banned. This includes advocating a member’s suicide or death in any way.

15.) Attempts to sell or distribute illegal substances- If you use the forums in an attempt to sell or distribute any illegal content or substances you will be removed from the forums.

16.) Moderator decisions are final and not open to public discussions- If you wish to dispute a ban please contact the moderator who issued the ban via PM or email. Bans will rarely be overturned. Mod flaming threads will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. There is no public discussion about moderator decisions.

17.) No gore- Do not post gore, or disgusting images, video, links to sites, edited or not. If the content starts gore either real or drawn, and you edit it to block out certain parts or content, it is still considered gore and will be removed and the user banned.

18.) Users may not advertise outside websites in their signatures and/or user titles. However, users may request one-off approval through the ForumAdmin or a moderator.

Zero Tolerance: Violation of these rules will result in permanent removal from the forums.

19.) Do not post personal info for ANY reason- It doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake info, takes its members security very seriously. Any personal information of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to phone numbers, full names, addresses, IP addresses. If it’s info that you personally wouldn’t want posted on the internet, then you shouldn’t post that info about someone else.

20..) Multiple accounts are not permitted- Each person is allowed 1 active account. If you get banned for violating the rules, you are no longer allowed to have an account or have any access to content on that account until the ban is lifted. If you create multiple accounts to troll or avoid bans, you will be removed from the site.

21.) Copy written material is not allowed- If you have any information that is copy written and you do not have permission to post the content, you will be removed from the forums for posting it.

22.) Excessive spam profiles- Accounts created solely for the purpose of spamming the forums will be removed from the site.
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