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How To Choose The Best Wine Glasses For You
How To Choose The Best Wine Glasses For You

    Certain wine glasses perform better than others (there is actually some science to back this up). That being said, what are the best wine Glass Cup for you?

    You can drink wine from whatever vessel you want, be it a wine glass, coffee mug, mason jar, or dixie cup. Heck, you can ditch the glass altogether and drink straight from the bottle for all I care.

    However, using the right glass improves the taste of wine. And they won’t cost you a fortune either.

    The Importance of a Proper Glass

    There is now there is a piece of scientific evidence that supports the importance of the Double Wall Glass Cup shape.

    In 2015, a Japanese medical group used a special camera to record images of ethanol vapors in different glasses. In their study, the research group showed how different glass shapes affected the density and position of vapors at the openings of different glasses.

    Why are there so many different glasses for wine?

    Of the many different wine glasses available, you’ll find that certain shapes are better for enjoying certain types of wine.

    By the way, it doesn’t really matter if your Espresso Glass Cup is stemmed or stemless. It’s more about how the shape of the vessel collects aromas and deposits wine into your mouth. (I know some of you enthusiasts will strongly disagree! ?? )

    Below is a summary of the primary glass shapes and the wines that tend to perform well in these shapes.

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