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Legitimacy of online suppliers

I need to procure some gear and was wondering if you could tell me if these sites are legit , and ... ohormones/ . If they are please let me know. I live in a small town and stuff like this is really hard to get.

Thanks for any help
Did you find out whether they are legit?
Any news on this? legit or not?
As far as my experience goes with research peptides I can say they are legit. I tried their cjc 1295 (no dac), ghrp 2 and ghrp 6 and felt them work within 30-45 mins. Recovered much quicker and really gave me an appetite which helped increase my bodyweight. As for anabolics sa i havent tried them as yet.
Hi.guys I'm starting a course off anavar do.i need to stack these with anything else and what results will.i have at the end off it cheers

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Anyone ever bought peptides online from It's my first time...just a bit scared! Their banking details are of acc: janusit
Just want to know if I can go ahead!
I can say anabolics-sa is legit, I have used them many times personally. Always get confirmation emails and payment notifications as well as tracking number from Aramex when my order is out for delivery.
Did anyone here buy from ??? Please I need to know if they are legit. Thanks
I have ordered (cardarine) and product arrived. Haven't tested yet
#10 is legit as well. Been buying from them for four years now.

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