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The Tools of the trade for older trainers.
I'm sure everybody who's been into this for a while, probably has some kind of lotion or potion to relieve pain or keep healthy...
Personally I have had issues with rotary cuffs, biceps, elbow, knee, lower back and neck... Almost everywhere throughout time.

My new friend is deep heat muscle spray, what every body part i'm doing, it gets a little spray, like my knee's and my shoulders, it has worked wonders.

Over the last month, my knee pain has pretty much disappeared and my shoulders feel great...Smile
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I enjoy an Epsom salt soak for aches and pain.

Also I recently found that a golf ball is pretty good size and hardness for rolling on side of the elbow and bicep areas and just a few minutes does help to reduce any pain/ discomfort in those areas

also found out today that it can be reasonably effective on the lower back/ hip area
and much less cumbersome to use than the foam rollers they provide at the gym

the golf ball rolling can be done whilst watching TV etc

may try it again on my quads after squat day later this week.
Epsom salt does the trick for me as well.
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