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Bulking Nutrition and Question
Hey Guys,

So currently I am running a bulk cycle and have increased my intake from a 20% Def of 2751cal per day to 4000cal per day on a bmr maintenance of 3400 per day. I have dropped my cardio from 5km run 30min daily tread or road and 3 x 20km MTB Ride a week to 20min Incline tread daily. With this cardio is it enough to not gain fat during my bulk without effecting protein burn for cal usage?

I also have some questions on my Weight training as that has changed from Drop Set super set high intensity to Heavier weights and less reps over 4 sets (10 reps per set from 15)

Just want to check if I am on the right track, I am doing a 40% Protien 40% Carb and 20% Fat Macro Split during the week and over weekends I just meet the 4000 cal requirements.

Please let me know your thoughts as this is my first major bulk cycle

PM me if you need more info


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