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Single Vision Stock / Grind
Single Vision Stock / Grind
Single vision lenses are those that have the same focal power throughout the lens. They can be used to treat short-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism.
The conventional stock lenses provide sharp view at the center of the lens, with some distortion in the peripheral areas. The lenses are fitted to the particular wearer and optimised for clear vision. Stock lenses are available in restricted power range only and are limited to frame sizes. While these lenses can be ideal for people that are short-sighted (minus powers), we recommend grind lenses for people that are long-sighted (especially high plus powers), that result in a thinner and lighter product.
Grind lenses are made with advanced optical design technology and are specially surfaced to the correct thickness for the dimensions of the frame. These lenses provide sharp view and minimal distortion in the peripheral areas. There are different lens technologies available to grind single vision lenses. Besides the standard grind lenses, CR Surfacing offers Digital and Digital Accuracy lens designs, that take single vision performance to the next level.

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