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MuscleTalk Features
We will be implementing the following features through the course of the day:

We will replace the default quick reply form with a modern and evolved smart quick reply system. - It uses HTML5 LocalStorage feature to save the form content automatically at any changes (saves the post Gmail style ).

Then we will also add the ability to mention users in your posts, this will enable you to mention users Twitter/Github style with the @username. It also supports the @group. The mentioned user or leader of X group will receive a notification and link to the mentioned post

Hope everybody enjoys the new features.
<r><COLOR color="#00FF40"><s></s>Official MuscleTalk Representative<e></e></COLOR></r>
These changes has been applied.

We have also added an embedded feature.
The embedded feature will allow users to simply post any video url and it will automatically embed the video in your post.
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Wow, I haven't been on here for a while decided last night to visit the site again. Holy fck mr Admin, you guys out done yourself this forum is in a league of it's own. Damn easy to navigate and easy on the eye as well.

I really hope more people join soon, I won't mind to spend some time on here this site is by far the best and only of it's kind in South Africa, it would be quite nice indeed.

I mean all the international sites like where I am on as well it's all Murica and American politics and bullshit, would be nice to have that size forum in SA and this site definitely has the potential to be it.

Keep it up Mr.Admin!

Much love and much X-mas, okey let me get some more eggnog

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