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TRT dosages
Hi guys.

Been training for 27 ywars and only juicing since 2008 running 12 week cycles of EQ, Prop and Winny with PCT.

Toned it down since 2016 and switched to moderate cycle cruising or what some might call TRT.

Have had awesome results with 1000mg test combo per week which is perhaps a bit heavy with no side effects, gyno, etc.

Good results in the gym aince July 2016 qith weight coming down to around 132kgs and waistline under control, strength stable and creeping up despite an up and down diet.

Any views on dosage and addituons to help with fat loss. I don't do Clen or similar stimulants as I struggle to cope with the anxiety.

Appreciate your views
<t>Ultimate Beast</t>
Had a client that was on a lot less haha, of course not the same goals I would a assume.

He did 100mg every 5 days (test propionate) and got some pretty good results was a big guy lots of fat to burn. I also prefer propionate over cypionate less visible skin effects in my case.

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