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Buying in Thailand
Hi guys. I'm taking a trip to Thailand soon and thinking of buying some gear there since it is easily accessible. The only thing I'm concerned about is bringing it back to SA. I'm thinking it might not be a problem since I'm only going to buy a small quantity for my own personal use but not sure. Has anybody here ever done this?
Never done that, once brought a lot of snoek and crayfish from Cape Town to PTA, froze it, threw it in a packet, rapped in newspaper, we cling rapped the whole luggage bag at the airport and there were no issues. IDK about airport security at Thailand, but I hugely doubt you'd have any issues getting it through SA airports, even if you brought a ton of the stuff lol. Not encouraging it, just saying
I am new to this board as i have been mainly coasting around the UK and US forums, i can assist with local acquisition of gear if anyone is interested.
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