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Steroid info - Please
So I guess I will be asking the age old" question; what is the best/safest cycle for bulking and strength in particular?

Let me start by giving some background and please - I've been hammered by "pro guys" yet none of them could ever give a definitive consistent answer to my questions. It seems everyone has a different take and THIS is the best and THAT is the best. However when asking a question like - what is a good solid cycle that is not too harmful, it seems the answer eludes most.

I have used Deca 300 1mg per week, Sust 350 1 per week and Dianbol 30mg per day (10 week cycle). Got some gains, but not great compared to others. The the usual PCT....

I tried like most some Anavar and Winstrol. NEVER EVER Tren though, the side effect list is just to long and risky for my liking.

Obviously I would like to avoid anything that will affect my "manhood" - If at all possible.

So, can someone give me a rather straight uncomplicated answer to what I can use to get some fairly propper gains. And honestly I mean fairly - I am not a body builder nor intend to compete. I just want that boost enough, build some propper shoulders so that my 5 year old daughter can look at me and go "my daddy is strong"...

I apologise if I am ignorant and wasting anyone's time but YouTube is so confusing I thought I will try my luck here.
Hey! My advice for first cycle its testosterone! Do something like this:
Week 1-3 400ml
Week 3- 12 up dose to 500
Week 3 -12 hcg 1 x week injection
Week 3-12 arim what dose would you recommend also do you even recomend I take it ?
Week 12 - 13 nothing
Week 13 -15 Nolvadex I dose of 40/40/20/20. My doctor advice buy it onhttp://
<t>Im junior bodybuilder and actor.</t>

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