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By Noobly
I am trying new things here' and there to see what works. I have combined and am going to test out what I believe in theory, should be a thermogenic powerhouse spice mixture.
I have combined :
  • Black pepper
    Hot Cayenne Pepper
    Cloves (very strong so only use a small amount)
    Ground mustard seeds
    Cinnamon &
I've mixed them together in a small container and used smell to interpret when I think the taste will be enjoyable.

I tried out around half a teaspoon on my last meal tonight for the first time and was pleasantly surprised at the balanced taste I achieved; however, it tasted quite salty.
My question on this thread is, has anyone tried an experiment like this? And am I walking into a trap of hidden sodium? I don't believe that I am, I think it is just the way the herbs & spices are combined that give it this taste however it doesn't hurt to have a second opinion.
Thanks guys
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