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Having trouble finding good recipes for your Keto diet? Help is here!
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By Rolan
Several times in the past two years I've considered the idea of switching to a keto diet to cut but always rejected it out of fear.

Recently I've found out one of the reasons why I was afraid: I wouldn't really know what to eat on keto, not even what groceries to buy! You know, it's rice and chicken for the regular bodybuilder but in keto...

I've read here and there different recipes and what not, even found a couple of good diet outlines but I'm asking you, brothers: what does a keto bodybuilder actually eat?

I'm not asking what's your macro breakdown or what's the most delicious food you can eat; what I'm asking is I know you have 2 or 3 staple meals that you prepare all the time, what are they?

What is your rice and chicken?
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By Jannie
Meat and cheese, then after that you eat more meat and cheese.
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By Sypher187
Chicken thighs with avocado

Bacon and eggs

Grilled sausage with roasted peppers

Ribeye steak with spinach sautéed in butter

Grilled shrimp with huge salad with full fat Caesar dressing

Whey isolate (carb free) with coffee and coconut oil

This isn't difficult. Take meat and put fat on it. :P ;)
By Noobly
Not a big fan of all the extra fat like butter and bacon. I rarely use cheese also when doing Keto.

I like lean cuts of beef, chicken, eggs, healthy fats/oil, protein powder. Fish is obviously good but I don't eat it.

I more or less use the Dave Palumbo plan.
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By Mikebloom
Great idea for keto meals. I have been on keto diets for a while now but my only confusion is using the keto calculator to calculate my calories intake whenever I want to. I hope calories won't skyrocket astronomically on keto?
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