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By Noobly
Considering quality, quantity and price what is currently the best deal out there? I am considering Evox atm, but not sure, what would be you guys' recommendations ?
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By Sypher187
I ordered Nutritec Whey and Nutritech Casein Protein.

Regarding the previous confusion we all had regarding them.

So I want to try it out myself, I am going to do a review and then post it in the supplement reviews section so we can have some quality feedback.
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By Sypher187
Noobly wrote:That would be awesome Sypher! What did you pay for it?
Nutritech Whey 3.2Kg - R630
Nutritech Casein 1Kg - R340

I don't really know Nutritech's prices so I will just have to accept the above and assume it is a good price.
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By SaSpotters
I just use Evox protein cos of price. I'm sure the quality is the same as the others anyway. 5XL Muscle Meal works well for me with a good balance of protein and carbs (to restore muscle glycogen post-workout). When cutting I use Evox 100% Whey Proien: high in protein and looooow in carbs
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By shoreknee
Nothing.. I've been off the supplements for over 2 months now and it's made me realise that the industry is a huge money making scheme. I'm still making gains and getting everything I need from real food. I'm still using creatine though, which is costing me R30 a month.
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