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Moderator: Sypher187

By Noobly
Does anyone use detox supplements or do colon cleanse? Does anyone recommend a specific one? Thinking I could use one just for overall well being and health wise, lord knows I probably have left over Oreo and McFlurry shit still in me. Thoughts?
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By Sypher187
I was going to give the lime juice thing as suggested in that lemon thread a go. To cleanse I just drop the tequila.

Side Note: Detox is a very... Don't want to say Marketing gimmick, but just read carefully what the subelements say and if they even have an effect.
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By Bigfitness
That's fitness/supplement industry bullshit. Cutting back on your sugar intake and bumping unsaturated fats will get you the same feeling as one of these detox diets.

Not prepared to say they are unhealthy, just that the claims are bogus. Toxins have names. These toxins they refer to are just called toxins. They don't exist.

I think I get the sense of why people would look to something like this.

Working hard, studying hard, hitting the gym and trying to maintain weight or grow which requires tons of calories. I get into patterns of feeling like shit because of this as well.

My "detox"
I cut back on caffeine to one coffee in the morning
I put on a nicotine patch to cut back on smoking
I cut out "junk" essentially meaning packaged foods like poptarts and canned foods
I measure water intake and hit at least 4 - 6 litres daily
I get an extra hour of sleep at night by going to bed earlier

After just a day or two of this I drop bloat, head clears up and I feel "all systems go."
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