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A section for talking about fat loss.
By Marvin
Diet can play an important role in fat burning and weight management.
I never used any fat burner or fat burning supplement for the fat loss. I always use natural fat burning foods for the fat control. I think natural fat burning foods are more effective for the fat control.
Some of the best fat burning foods are fresh fruits, raw green vegetables, vegetables soups, citrus fruits juices, fish, fish oil, and nuts etc.
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By Sypher187
Clean protein and clean carbs then you will burn fat.

Go for a 45% carbs 45% protein 10% fat approach as a start.
By Gfitness
I'm a fat diet fan... Healthy fats
By Johny66
I like cucumber salad. It fills me and I don't get hungry for a few hours. Also, appples are really good for fat burning.
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