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What workout is best for your goal?
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By Administrator
I think it is time we had a thread to avoid the hundreds of threads made weekly asking the notorious question, " Critique my Routine".

Without fail, the number one question that is constantly asked on this forum has been, "Is this a good routine?" It's a great question, and sometimes people , including myself, are happy to give an evaluation. Following one of the dozens of programs displayed on this website already, including those in the Sticky section is always a viable option; especially if you are a Beginner, in which you are highly recommended to stray away from writing your own routine. However, I guess hat's off to people that want to be creative and take the training principles they have already learned on this website, utilizing them with some customization to write something different; perhaps something that is more cohesive with their goals.

Some of the programs we (Teen Bodybuilding) see might be good.Unfortunately,some of them, if most of them in fact, are not planned properly because there seems to be an endless stream of people who did no prior research and/or simply have not accumulated enough training experience to make one. Poor training day placement, illogical exercise placement within the workout, incorrect movements or intensity for a given goal, too much or too little work, not enough recovery, too much recovery, and the list goes on..

Instead of having thread after thread, with users having to constantly jumble through the huge list of threads that have this question, you can now post it here for people to look at and respond. Please keep in mind, it would be very helpful to look at the Sticky's posted on the First Page, along with utilizing the Search Function to get a thorough understanding of some things you should be thinking about before asking the question. Beginners are highly advised to not create their own training program , as you are most likely not at an advanced point in your training career to evaluate what should or should not be done in a program.

Think, before you post your routine:

#1. Determine your number one goal
#2. Have you selected a training program with Emphasis on Strength,Size,Fat Loss,or a combination?
#3. Is your training program gearing toward what you want to Emphasize? (Hypertrophy,Strength,Endurance,etc)
#4. Can your question be answered by doing some simple searching on this website?
#5. Is your training program OBVIOUSLY neglecting important muscle groups for your goals?
#6. Does your program have enough RECOVERY?
#7. Are you even READY to try and make your own program??

***************If you have any hesitation answering #7, you are most likely NOT READY! ***************

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