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What workout is best for your goal?
By Howay
Found this work out routine online about 6 weeks ago and decided to give it a run. Basically it focuses on Compound muscle training with an essential focus on Squatting to physically become stronger.

Every 2nd day there is a weight increase of 2.5kgs. So you start with an empty bar and each week you increase by 7.5kgs on your squat. This is admittedly a beginners work out routine which I shamefully am.

I like the theory behind it because in the beginning you work on getting the correct form and then start actually seeing gains in the amount of weight you are lifting which is always a confidence booster to try get even heavier.

The creator Mehdi is a bit hectic and sends way too many emails a week and you get an almost Cultish feel from the group as it has Thousands of loyalists that swear by the program but you can see Mehdi is definitely in love with his program and what it is doing.

After 6 weeks im feeling stronger and more confident then I have ever felt, Im a bit nervous because im starting to get to the really heavy weights and the day im taking off to rest doesn't seem to be doing the trick as my muscles continue to burn even going into the next days workout session.

Has anyone else had any success with the routine?
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By Bigfitness
I have always been a firm believer in 5x5 and 10x10 training. I usually tell my clients who are not professionals or seasoned lifters yet to do the following:

Start of with a 10x10 routine for 4 weeks ie the first months ( This will get the fundamentals in place ) I'm talking Squad, bench, Deadlift, Cleans and Military Press cover those basic exercises with perfect form in the first month.

Then month 2 for the next 4 weeks you do 5x5 this will build incredible strength as this is the sole purpose of the 5x5 program again focusing on Squads, bench, Deadlifts, Cleans and Military Presses.

Then for month 3 you do 5x5 On Steroids: Enter Cluster Training.

No I am not talking about using steroids on the five times five program. However applying a concept called cluster training to the 5x5 regimen is like adding rocket fuel to a car. I learned about cluster training in Charles Poliquins excellent book Modern Trends In Strength Training

Cluster training is essentially a combination of rest pause training and standard training.

Here is how it works. Take 90% of your one-rep max and do one rep. Wait ten seconds, and do another rep. Keep going until you have completed five reps in rest pause fashion.

Once you have completed all five reps, take a 3-minute break and then execute another cluster set. Each sequence of repetitions equals one set. Thus to apply this concept to the 5x5 protocol, you would do five sets of five rest pause sets.
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By Rolan

I also like to give novice humans the following advice:

Start off with a normal 10x10 program focusing on Squads, Bench, cleans, Deadlift and standing barbell curls. That way as bigfitness said you really get the fundamentals right doing perfect form, form before ego always.

Then after 4 weeks you change to 5x5 to focus primarily on strength really pushing your boundaries here by taking longer rests in between sets, but really then nailing the set with intensity.

Then the other 5x5 on steroids method Bigfitness suggested should work very nice especially since this is for a beginner and will deliver marvelous results. The rest pause method is tried and tested that it works because you increase the intensity on the muscle a lot.
By Howay
Thanks for the advice gentlemen. I should be starting steroids within the next two weeks. I'll post a new thread with regards to which steroids I'll be able to get my hands on and any advice on which I should try get. Loving this forum!
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