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By Bigfitness
Just curious to know what most people's average day is like?

Mine usually starts with getting up at 6, making meals dress shower, fat burners. Then work at 8 with prepared meals, get home at about 6/7 then finish a meal and head to the gym at 8, come back chill by the tv or computer.
By Gfitness
Get up @ 5:20, gym from 6 to 9, work 10 to 8 and giving toning classes (3 total) get home prep food for next day, try getting to sleep at 10

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By boytjie
Wake up at 5:00
fuck around on internet and other stuff till 7:00
breakfast, get ready and arrive at work at 9:00
home by 18:00
fuck around till 00:00
Sleep and start again

Of course there is the day every now nd again that I wake at 5:00 and arrive at work at 6:00 (and like tonight arrive at home at 20:00). Actually my days are pretty inconsistent. what I'm actually saying is that I have no excuse not to hit the gym :/
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By Rolan
boytjie wrote:Wake up at 5:00
snip what I'm actually saying is that I have no excuse not to hit the gym :/
Fuck Yea Brother.
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By Sypher187
I need to get back into the gym.

I wake up go to work come back eat watch a movie go to bed repeat.

Fuk my life is not in order

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