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Hey dude,

So I finished my 12 week hardcore trainer...was great!
Pitty I didnt take my bodyfat % before...but I weighed 76kg at the start of the program, and ended on 64.5kg with 8.3% bodyfat :D

A little on the skinny side I felt, as towards the end I think I started burning muscle.

Anyways, its been 2 weeks and a couple of days since iv taken a break, and feeling pretty "meh"...I managed to pick up 1kg as im eating quite clean. Healthy oils, foods, fruits etc...junk once a week. But I feel its time to hit a program again...this time, Lean Bulk.

I looked at Jim Stoppani, as you mentioned I should try that a while ago...but I just saw the KrisG muscle builder and that looks AMAZING!
I think I might just go with him, simple because I did the previous program with him. Working out the Macros is probably super complicated hey?

Any specific website that will give me all the info for my calculations?

Much appreciated
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By Sypher187
Sorry guys, I was out for 2 weeks had some serious damage and CNS fatigue and high blood pressure.

I am starting again today, but starting the GVT week over.

This program fucks you up physically and mentally no jokes.

@ Richardinho well fcking done in completing that program!

If you want Do the Muscle Builder it's A LOT different from the transformation one we did.
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