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So I have started with this on Monday again and today is day 3 of the Kris Gethin 12-Week Hardcore Trainer.

Monday was legs and to be honest it was quite painful in the gym due to my out of shape state at the moment catching my breath between sets was really difficult. All in all it went damn well because my legs are non functional today I can barely walk, yesterday I was pushed home in a pick n pay shopping trollie, because my legs did not function anymore.

Yesterday ( Tuesday May 3 ) was chest and triceps and to my surprise I did far better than I expected I started off with the dumbell flat press and got to 38Kg which is marvelous concidering I have not touched a bench in over a year.

The triceps exercises went well, I like triceps so there was that psychological motivator as well pushing me.

Today (Wednesday May 4th ) is my first rest day and to be honest it could not have come at a better time I am taxed! Completely, my body is broken, my legs are killing me and I can feel my chest and triceps getting sorer by the hour and then the massive sleep ajustment is really difficult considering I am a night owl and now having to go to bed at 9pm and waking up at 6am for morning cardio is killer.
Ate a massive steak last night. Probably overdid it a bit, but hey fck it. It's protein, rather overeat on my protein than consuming a slab of chocolate I guess.


My legs are finally starting to work again which is nice. Incredible to think I was convinced that I would not be able to walk again. Muscle building is a marvelous thing.

My chest and triceps on the other hand... Oh boy... I can feel it. But I love it. Upper body pain is lovely because you can just refuse to do stuff, legs on the other hand. You have to poop and you have to walk.

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Today is day 4.

My body is completely fatigued and I still have delts left for tonight. I cannot wait for tomorrow's rest day to be honest, this first week is absolutely crushing. I still pull my weight and really do the utmost to deliver in the gym, but it's not a joke and my body aint what it used to be at a earlier stage, but I'm getting there just need to lose this weight 133Kg is not a joke.
Wow, this weekend has been a rough one pain wise.

Friday was day four and the delts exercises killed me, especially that FTS 7 style of training created by "The Pro Creator" Hany Rambod, and it is intense as well as productive. It has to be. 3 Time and 2009 Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, 202 Mr. O Kevin English, and Mr. Olympia top contender Phil Heath was doing it in preparation for the O. Mark Alvisi won the NPC USA overall title this year on Hany's program. If I ran down everyone who has asked for Hany's help and has incorporated FST-7, it would read like a Who's Who of bodybuilding.

According to Hany, FST-7 stands for:
Fascia: pl. fas·ci·ae : Anatomy - A sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating, or binding together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body.
Stretch: v. stretched, stretching, stretches - To lengthen, widen, or enlarge
Training: the process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency by practice and instruction.
Seven: The seventh in a set or sequence.

Anyhow yea that fcked me up entirely. I went quite heavy on the shoulder press like I could feel that is where my nutrition the past few days made the difference, when you carb intake is on point then you have a sustained energy unlike anything else you ever experienced.

Saturday was day 6 and being a rest day I spend the day in the mall shopping around looking at food prices etc, one think is for certain Food prices in south africa skyrocketed. I had no idea how expensive life got thanks to our Dollar ZAR exchange rate that is entirely out of control. Chicken prices is up, red meat is through the roof! Your looking at R149 per kilo now, absolutely horrifying, supplements went through the roof everything is just silly expensive in SA right now.

Fast Forward to today... Oh boy I'll just leave this video here:
I can feel my legs getting sore now, well actually it's not sore it's more numb, This is what makes me scared, because I can remember from Day 1 that what happens is as follows:

Legs feel sore after gym then your legs feels okey then later the day it starts to feel numb and then the next day you all of a sudden feel like death, but then death hasn't even knocked yet since it's only the day after, during that day you will feel your legs getting more and more sore and then on the second day after doing legs, death comes knocking asking you upon every movement if you are ready to go.

Not looking forward to Tuesday...

I am taking Glutamine twice a day now just in case, it will probably end up as expensive pee, but hey, can't hurt?
I'm telling you throughout today I will feel my legs getting more and more sore. Thanks Kris, thanks buddy, really nice of you. Gawd dammit. I can barely sit or stand atm the only comfortable position is lying flat down on my back, but I can't because it's Monday and that means it's time to work.
Down 4Kg's so that is fricken marvelous!!

The workout was tough as iron, I never came this close to puking, Kris definitely picks up the tempo from this week. My legs are also absolutely killing me right now. I can't sit or stand. The chest workout tonight is going to hurt tomorrow I can already feel it coming on.

I have 8 chicken breasts on the BBQ right now so tomorrow will be so sweet!
Legs are dead. I am a bit worried I am not feeling my chest. I pushed it, I mean I went 10 odd Kg above what my comfortable weight was with the dumbells so much so that I was depleted when I got to the cable cross overs. I also don't feel my triceps today and same thing yesterday I kicked that giant set in the balls.

Maybe I'll come to regret these words tomorrow morning since this is the day after and I do have DOMS, so lets see.

Meals are on point today, waiting for 4 o clock now to get in meal 4, good amount of chicken breast fresh from the BBQ and Wholegrain/wheat Pasta with lots of spices.
Well. I was wrong. My chest is broken. I can barely move my arms without my chest complaining.

I also have a massive biceps soreness and I'm struggling to find out what the heck could have caused that during yesterday's chest and triceps workout... I guess it must have been lifting the dumbell from the ground up onto my knees to perform the chest dumbell press. Yea it must have been that.

Gawd dammit sore.

Well this rest day was well worth it I'm physically depleted actually legs are sore and upper body as well now.

I'm busy bbq'ing the chicken for tomorrow's meals.

I am starting to love this webber. It's so quick although charcoal is a hit expensive for every night BBQ.

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Waking up was quite a mission this morning, my legs are absolutely numb I can feel my entire body focusing it's energy on trying to fix my legs so the rest of my body just feels fatigued as well.

Really looking forward to the weigh in followed by the chest and tricep workout ahead.
I have been a bit quite lately had some work to do. The program is still going strong I am shredding fat and feel more and more powerful beating previous personal records by long shots.

Will give a more detailed update tomorrow, right now my legs are to sore to sit.
I am in the process of updating the forum so struggling to find the time to post regularly, but this will change come monday when all of this is done.

Just an update the program is going rock solid I am still 120% on schedule meals included, I can start seeing my physique change now and strength picking up massively braking PRs left right and center.
Today was heavy as hell did the Neil Hill Legs training that Kris gethin met up with during the arnold classics event. How cool is it that it was the 2016 Arnold Classics here is PTA and on the trainer it was the 2009 Arnold classics there where gethin was.

It was supper cool massive coincidence
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