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Been away from the forum for a bit, but have not deviated from my program at all! It's going good the weight is coming of and I am starting to break personal records, flat dumbel press hitting 48kg, lateral shoulder raises hitting 20Kg.

Massive massive strength gains coming in now.
Holy hell just started with the DTP phase of the workout and it was absolutely hell.

I almost broke down and cried from the pain in my shoulders.

I think I need to do a review on this Hellfire pre workout, because it carried me through this workout like nothing else could, I swear it has meth or something inside it.
Day 58!

This was a workout from hell that absolutely scared me to death. When you start hitting PR's at the rate I am now then you become afraid of what is about to happen next. I did site lateral raises after I did DTP shoulders on the smith machine and then 7's and drop sets with a barbel and still manage to break my site lateral PR hitting 20Kg like it's nobody's business.

I am completely shuttered I look like a triangle so pumped is my shoulders
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