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This is the place for our new members to introduce themselves and say hello to the rest of the forum.
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By SaSpotters
Hi Everyone

This is my first time registering for a forum so bear with me if I make mistakes and stuff.

Anyways let me introduce myself. I love gym and fitness and I am passionate about the SA Bodybuilding Industry. The industry in SA is quite big but I wish it was a lot bigger, like bigger then the UK and America (can't blame a boy for having a dream, right?)

I started a blog called SA Spotters to try get more SA Bodybuilding stuff online (everything we read online is always UK or american :o ).
When I came across this site I decided to join and hopefully contribute as much as possible. It would be awesome if a South African Forum like this one can be all over the web! I want people worldwide to be like 'The bodybuilding scene is SA is where it's at right now'.

Anyways hi to all and have a great day!
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By Sypher187
Welcome man! Yes that's why they started this forum, it's a bunch of passionate bodybuilders that wants to grow this world and blend it with the general public as is in the rest of the world especially UK and US with a lot of forums like these.

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