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Hey, I found This on another site thought I might add it here.
This first post is now edited to what it was before, I'm now going to keep all my recipes etc in one thread, this thread. This thread will be used by me as an archive of past and future recipes, people's take on my recipe's, requests and anything else really! I'll link all my old recipes below and i'll also have a new recipe up on the channel and here which i'll post tomorrow! I'll also copy this post to the last one at the moment so its not missed

Thanks for reading, Si
Bodybuilding Coconut Chicken Curry

Vanilla Nut-ritous Bodybuilding Protein Muffins

Egyptian Flavour Infused Bodybuilding Bulgar Wheat (Rice Alternative)

Pancake Day, Protein Pancake Stack!

Chocolate Black Bean Bodybuilding Brownie

Mexican Style Cheesy Diet Turkey Burgers

Protein Packed Bodybuilding Bread Pudding

Thai Tinned Fish Fitness Cakes

Bodybuilding Beef and Broccoli Zesty Sesame Stir Fry

Diet High Protein Pizza - Wheat Free

Bodybuilding Beef Kofte Kebabs

Super Morning Whey Protein Shake

Diet Cakey Cinnamon Cookies

Sugarfree Flourless Fitness Chocolate Cluster Cookies

Diet Peanut Butter Homous

"Fried" Fitness Chicken, Diet Style

Chocolate Coconut Shards Diet Dessert

High Protein Bodybuilding Baseless Cheesecake

Whey Protein Ice Cream (egg white based)

Chanel Intro + Diet Carrot Cake Cupcakes With A Lemon and Cream Cheese Fitness Frosting

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