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By Dodgyfeas
My mate has just got a job as a butcher so now can get me bulk chicken breasts cheap. I only have 2 x 15min breaks at work each day (1 is at 10am so don't fancy chicken then) and the other is my lunch break (1pm) . I have baked 4 chicken breasts ready and sliced them up to put in Tupperware boxes for the next few days.

My question is, what do you guys put with yours? Rich pouches? Do you cook pasta the day before and reheat?
As I only have 15 mins, I do not have time to fight over the microwave, cook and then sit down to eat.

Any quick ideas on what will brighten up my lunches?

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By Sypher187
I like it just plain and simple
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Sometimes I'll have with 50-70grams of pasta.

Other times I enjoy a good curry and vegetable with rice.
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By Gfitness
Okay chicken, most health benefits I break them in small peaces then throw in apple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and ground garlic... This is all like I mentioned for health benefits... Get the correct vinegar please if you want to try...

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