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Ephedrine, clenbuterol, other stimulants / fat burners, thyroid drugs, etc

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By MrsMarvel
I've used Relislim (which contains 20mg of Pseudoephedrine) in the past when training for the energy boost that it provided. It has since been hard to get it anywhere (apparently it has been rescheduled as S6). I've been searching the web during the past week to try and find an alternative legal stimulant that provide the same energy/focus boost that the Relislim provided.

Someone advised me to try Concerta 36mg. (I know Concerta and Relislim is both S6 but ironically enough I were able to get a Concerta prescription but not a Relislim prescription...with some effort.)
But I've only used about 5 of these pills and then stopped it. I usually sleep very well but while using these pills I really struggled sleeping well - apparently they are 'slow-releasing' - and felt terrible by the end of the first week with a throbbing headache.

I'm not usually sensitive to stimulants (I drink at least three triple espresso's per day).
I've read on numerous places that Synephrine (which is apparently legal) could have the same effect as the Pseudoephedrine.

Any advice on supplements containing Synephrine in SA? I could buy it online if necessary but it would be even better if I could get it from a Clicks or a Discem...?
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