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Evox Nutrition has been a dire disappointment. First the purchase of a product which had horrible consequences to using and then the lack of response or answer from Evox.

Having bought their Alpha Thermo Shred Powder, my significant other used it the next morning and informed of turning horribly red, itching, and hurting all over. I thought this was an allergic reaction so I said he should try it again that evening and the same reaction occurred. I then tried it myself.

After consuming the drink as it is meant to be mixed my face started burning up, I could feel it flaring and burning. I started itching, my skin was sensitive and hurt with the slightest touch. I was red as a tomato all over. These effects last a good few hours. A tormenting few hours in which you can not continue regular daily tasks.

I have picture proof of the affliction, and even having sent this to Evox, via various routes (email, website enquiry, twitter, facebook), no contact has been made. People should be aware. It is not safe to use this specific product or batch thereof. An investigation will need to be conducted.

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