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By Sypher187
I bought the HMT Amped Hardcore fat burner from Mkem, it was R450 bucks which is quite expensive considering it's an on the shelve fat burner (legal).

What bothers me is the claim on the website saying it contains Yohimbe, here is a screenshot from the website just in case they delete it:

Yohimbe has been added to aid in fat reduction in stubborn areas and to aid in even more adrenaline-like energy.

I did not find any Yohimbe on the ingredients list, so either they lied about it for marketing or they are not fully transparent about the what they put in the bottle...

Here is the ingredients label for the HMT Amped Hardcore Fat Burner:
I do not see Yohimbe in there and they also spelled "Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine" wrong. Not what I expect when I pay half a limb for a product.

I have been using it for 3 days now and ... This is a little different than most Fat Burners I have used, could not sleep last night. It's a sustained energy, not pre-workout buzz, but more 50 cups of coffee releasing every 30 minutes sustained energy feel if that makes sense?

My diet is tip-top at the moment and training is on par so we will see how it goes over the next 30 - 40 days.

It will definitely aid in losing fat no doubt about that, the ingredients are solid, assuming what they claim is the truth, but the Yohimbe bit makes me wonder.

I do notice my pupils dilate about 70 minutes after I take it, which I know Yohimbe does... so just uhm speculating here, but since Yohimbe is not legal anymore, they might have kept it in the mix but removed it from the label... Who knows?
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By Bigfitness
Earlier versions had Yohimbe iirc would be interesting to see what HMT says, but as far as on the market fat burners go, this stuff is pretty potent.
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