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By Tbird
Hi Guys and gals,

I have a question maybe someone here would be able to answer, is it possible to be a ultra distance runner and still be able to maintain a good aesthetic physique. I started running about a year and a half ago just to get fit and the running bug has bitten so I am planning on running Comrades in 2018 and I plan on doing other ultra distance races as well. Now the general look of an ultra runner is super skinny.

I definitely do not want to get to that look, I want to look nice and ripped (not there yet, still have some belly fat that needs to disappear) but is it possible to keep doing this much cardio and still keep building muscle?

Any input would be great.
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By Bigfitness
That is going to be difficult due to the fact that distance runners use a very different muscle fiber and secondly this is the bad part -> The body uses both muscle and fat for long-distance fuel.

On the bright side there is a alternative, but it requires a lot of dedication since you want to have the physique of a fitness cover model, but the ability of a comrades runner.

This article is exactly what you want: ... unner.html

( By exactly I assume it is what you want :) )
By Tbird
Thanks, will give it a read. Yea too opposite goals LOL. May be a tall order but I could always first get my goal of running a few ultras, mainly comrades and then the washie 100 miler and then retire from ultra distance running and start gymming.

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