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By Bigfitness
Kai Greene that most individual of bodybuilders has again trodden new ground by being signed by The Gersh Agency, one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood. This marks another foray into non-bodybuilding competition following him flying to China to take part in the movie Crazy Fist where he played the foe of the film’s leading character.

Speaking to this writer last week Kai said of signing with Gersh, “It’s a first for them, they never signed a pro bodybuilder before. I’m really excited at this new opportunity and I look forward to securing movie deals through Gersh. It its really a result of them seeing me on ESPN’s Sunday Football countdown, and all my other entertainment activities out of bodybuilding, like my graphic novel; Chronicles of Kai. Another major development is we are preparing to do a one man theatre performance reflecting on my life, which will eventually be filmed and shown on Netflix.”

And so the mercurial Kai Greene continues his unique journey into mainstream entertainment.
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